No. 20 Duro A strange No. 20 Duro pen in black

Look at the cap and the body They probably fit so is it a cheat or just a frankenpen?

No. 12 Relief A strange No. 12 Relief frankenpen

Again the barrel is a black No. 12 which is post WW2, but the cap and clip belong to a relief No. 1 which is pre-WW2. They screw in ok so why not?

Conway Stewart Biro Modification of a Conway Stewart 115 ink pencil?

I think David Wells sent me this picture and provided the ink pencil sections to show the similarities. In my collection I have a 115 with a nib and I believe this has simply been converted by changing the section. However, the biro version is more daring.

Landy Ball-point Modification of a Custom made pen

This is another modified pen. flat tops were usually pre-war pens.

An interesting pen Early mottled vulcanite

This pen has no imprint. The cap has a standard oblong based fixed clip, while the barrel has a lever identical to the levers on early Esterbrook relief pens made by Conway Stewart. I think it was a pen made in the factory from spare parts.

Conway Stewart No. 444 Red Candle flame

When I bought this pen I thought that I had just discovered a new number. It had the right clip, right lever and right nib, so although the imprint was faded and scratched except for the number - I took it at face value, particularly because I thought that the candle flame pattern of plastic was perculiar to Conway Stewart, and I bought it from a reputable dealer. Then I found this Summit pen at an antique fair and all was revealed.

A fake CS logo On a silver plated pencil

In the true CS logo the C is always bigger than the S. This may be a fake intended to deceive, or merely the monogram of "Charles Smith".

Strange 58 Look at the top of the cap

This is not the characteristic CS 58 stud, and my guess is that its a repair job.

A 417 frankenpen Where did the cap come from?

The barrel is clearly a beautiful 417 cracked ice (rare), but the cap is much later and is from the 27, 28, 58 60 series. However, it has no bands and my guess is that it has been shortened.

A Red Duro No. 23 from 1920 It just can't be.

The 23 is a button filler and not a piston filler, the cap looks as if it dates from the 70's. Just about everything seems to shout "fake"!!