Drawer - nine

Conway Stewart Ink Pencils

onway Stewart made ink pencils in large numbers and in a wide range of styles from the 1920's till the 1950's. They all have a tubular point unit which screws into the section and can be removed for cleaning purposes. Inside the tube is a needle that prevents the tube from blocking, and each pen is also supplied with a cleaning wire of slightly larger diameter.

Ink pencils through some 30 years of production.

he first two ink pencils are models 91 & 93, both dating from the 20's being eye droppers with pull off caps. The next is a beaut. Its a No. 100 reversed cracked ice button filler. The green one is a 109, from Australia, while the tan one is a No. 112 "Pixie" eye dropper, again from the 20's. In the second row we have two coloured 115's and a 116 Toffee swirl from the 50's, while the last one is a No. 126 marbled slate blue. The black ones in the center are a 125 and a 126.